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Any Ham Radio Operators Here?

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Oregon City OR

Reply to WD2AKR, the 2 M simplex calling freq. is 146.520. That's probably the most common to try to initiate contact, then can move off to another simplex if desired. (Have never heard any big local pile-up on the 146.520 though).

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Hello from the Netherlands,




Doing geocaching: it look like radio fox hunting.

The similarities of geocache and HAM:


Fox hunting: out in the woods, try to locate something with radio waves.


Communicate: Placing and locating geocaches are reported on the

internet. People, hobbyists, who do not know each other, are

"communicating" via the cache.


That's where ham and geocache meets...


'73 Karel.

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Howdy from Vancouver Canada area! I am brand new to Geocache and yes indeed it reminds me of the "old bunny hunt"! Love it!!! Been a ham many a year (started as K7LPZ) but not active. Have a two meter rig and a computer....honestly? Prefer the computer! Only thing is, can't use CW on the puter!


73/88 de Donna VE7LPZ (here in Geocache world I am known as pinkzeb)

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AA1PR, in Vermont if anyone makes it up here look me up on the clubs(R.A.R.E-Rutland Amateur Radio Experimenters) UHF repeater 444.875 with 103.5 Pl

Not a cordinated repeater yet. Located in Rutland,Vt at about 600 ft in elevation.

73 de AA1PR,Mike

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