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memory map adventurer 2800


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We have a garmin etrex venture at the moment but are not getting on with it as the map is not very good. We have been told about the Memory Map but do not know if this can be used for geocaching, we know we cannot download directly from the geocaching website, but can we still use it to input geocache sites? Anyone know? Thanks

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If you run the caches through GSAK you certainly can get all your waypoints onto Memory Map. Theres a macro by 'Rutson' which is excellent, and if you use LordElph's icons it all gets very pretty and useful.


We have MM on a windows mobile and it's great to have 1:25k OS mapping showing pretty much every footpath, field boundary, fence and wall. Makes route finding in the countryside a breeze.


The downside to MM is the cost - a full set of UK 1:25k OS maps is probably nearer to thousands of pounds than hundreds, but if you don't need them all ...

Or if you know someone who has a full set of maps <_<

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I would advise you to stay away from MM 2800 units. I bought one on special offer complete with the whole of the UK on 25k mapping for circa £160. After months of emails to Memory Map I finally gave up trying to find an easy way to load geocaches and sold it on ebay.

I am now the proud owner of an Etrex 20 which is unbelievably easy to use and so intuative, wish I'd done it first time & not been tempted by the free mapping.

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