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Garmin Montana 650 car navigation problem

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Is anyone familiar with this problem? I consider sending it to the beta team.


My Garmin Montana does not work well for car navigation. Very often, the navigation gets stuck at "continue to (...)", rather than showing me the actual distances etc. When the navigation is stuck at "continue to", I don't get any verbal directions.


The GPS definitely knows where I am, because it displays my position more or less correctly, and the track log looks completely normal.


The problem is sometimes solved by restarting the device, but this doesn't work every time. Sometimes I do 10 restarts without success. Somehow I have the feeling that restarts without the car mount have a higher success rate than restarts performed in the car mount. Perhaps the GPS doesn't shut completely down while in the car mount? But I might be mistaken about this.


I have a few observations that might help detect what the problem is:


* I have noticed that the display of my track log on the GPS screen does not always match the indicator of my current location (car or triangle icon):

- Sometimes when I'm using the GPS with a flat/2D map and direct routing, the triangle that should represent my location, gets stuck and doesn't move. The track log on the screen keeps updating correctly, so that the end of the track represents my correct location, while the position indicator remains somewhere I have been some minutes earlier.

- When I'm experiencing the "continue to" problem in automotive mode, I see that the track log on the screen often moves a few meters ahead of the position indicator (car). After a second or so, the two line up again, but after another second, the track log is once again ahead of the position indicator.

- When I'm NOT experiencing this problem in automotive mode, the two (track log + position indicator) move together in a much smoother fashion.


* Sometimes when I touch the screen to display the "flat" map, I see that the pink line (indicating the active route) does not start at my current location. It passes through my current location, but goes back along the road where I have just driven.


* Sometimes, especially (but not only) if I drive take a different turn than the GPS has planned, the GPS says "recalculating" 10-30 times. SOMETIMES, but not always, I get proper routing (with distances and verbal directions) after this.


I am using the following items:

* Garmin Montana 650, firmware 3.9

* City Navigator maps of Europe (no other maps enabled)

* Garmin's "Vehicle Suction Cup Mount with Vehicle Power Cable"


My automotive profile has these settings:

Orientation: Automotive mode

Guidance text: Never

Dashboard: nüvi

Map speed: Fast

Advanced setup:

- auto zoom: on

- detail: normal

- shaded relief: do not show


Setup - routing:

Activity: automotive driving

Calculation method: minimize time

Lock on road: yes

Avoidance setup: avoid u-turns, unpaved roads

Off route recalculation: automatic

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I experience the same thing, but it doesn't happen all the time. I thought with the latest beta it was gone, but probably the moon was aligned with Venus and Mars for a moment, making sure the Montana worked properly.

The text at the top just keeps hanging for a while, and at short roads sometimes lags a street or 2-3. Luckily my map is updating all the time, so I only need to follow the arrow and purple route-line.

I don't use my device in a mount, so I don't know about voice (I am more than satisfied with a simple beep actually).

Hopefully one day the problem will be fixed. Best suggestion is to e-mail the Montana team so they are aware of the problem and if they start solving problems, based on the amount of reports, this one will eventually appear on top of the stack.

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I have this issue from time to time as well. I have created a "Stop Navigation" shortcut icon on my Nuvi dashboard. If the Montana gets stuck saying "Continue to [Destination]" I press the stop navigation icon once and then the Montana starts routing correctly. Obviously a bug, but a pretty simple fix for now. I have the 650t with the latest CN map installed.

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Agent45, you seem to be lucky. I have tried stopping navigation + resuming navication, stopping navigation + starting all over by "where to", etc. I do this many times in a row, without success.


So far, my only solutions have been to reboot the device or to drive an alternative route in order to produce a recalculation. Even these tricks don't work every time.


Perhaps there is a problem with my device?

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Has the problem been fixed? Any new information on the issue? I can't find too much else on the issue other than this forum thread.


I bought a Montana 600 about half a year ago and I started to experience exactly the same problem as you describe during the last month or two. In the beginning it worked perfectly. I did not notice after which firmware update that started. Now I have v4.60 and it is having the problem almost all the time. I just tried factory reset on the device and need to go out and try if it helps.

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