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Distance from attributed services to the cache?


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So, there is a rather nice rest area for hikers in the middle of nowhere. It has a lean-to for overnight camping, fire place, well of drinking water, tables, toilets, etc. Nothing comparable for at least ten miles radius. If I place a cache half a mile from this rest area, I can put attributes of the services available on the cache listing, right? How about one mile? Two miles? Where is the limit? Naturally I would explain the situation in the description and let the seekers know how much further they would need to go from the 'base camp' to find the cache.

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Good question. Sounds like a nice place for a cache.


For a cache that will be placed "in the middle of nowhere" I think it would be wise to list as much information as you can (parking, distance from parking to cache, distance from parking and cache to any amenities), as you mentioned you would. I don't think there's a standard for distance to the amenities, but in my opinion, 1/2 mile would be the max.


As much information as possible would be great in this situation!

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It's a % thing.


If the services are 1 mile away on a 2 mile hike, it's different to services 2 miles away on a 20 mile hike...

Based on what you've told us, I'd mention the services in the description so cachers are aware there ARE services 'near'*


* Near being relative, based on other facts involved in the situation!

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I would add the location of the rest area as an additional waypoint, and add a bit about the amenities in that waypoint description.


I think this is the way to go. You can add in the attributes so people will get the cache in their pocket queries if they use the filters, but the waypoint will be your best descriptor on the matter.

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I would also recommend the additional waypoint idea.


Normally, I would expect the 'amenities' attributes items to be within sight of the cache location.


Perhaps a multi, with the listed co-ordinates at your 'hiker's oasis', from which your seekers would set out for the final find. Then, for sure they would know where the amenities are located.

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