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Over the past weekend we noticed a group of caches all themed and called various "wizard of Oz" names. we had to go to all 10 and get a code from each one and then at the end it would lead you to the final cache. Each cache you signed and logged and had TB's and swag in it. Is there a way to find more like that, that are just not cordinates that lead you around?

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Darn! I was hoping to have a better answer for you but it looks like all the leads I thought were possible are not.


Sometimes when you have a cache that you like, it will be on a bookmark list of similar caches. The link to this list is found on the right-hand side of the cache page. It doesn't look like the Wizard of Oz series is part of a list yet. Guess it is time for you to make one!


Other than that, there doesn't seem to be a...


Oh wait - go to google search and enter this text string: series missouri site:geocaching.com


The results I got include the Trivial Pursuit Series GC17JRG which seems to be what you are looking for. You will also get the results for several other series that don't lead to a collective goal, but sound like an interesting way to spend a day.


Have fun! :D

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