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Looking for Lovers of "Special" or "Creative" Caches

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Hello fellow cachers:


Thanks to some bookmarks, great recommendations from fellow geocachers and favorite points I have discovered a number of extraordinary caches over the past couple of years! Their creativity, ability to inspire and/or awestruck have driven me to build better caches, change the way my family and I play this game, and instilled me with an unquenchable thirst for more.


I am looking for other enthusiastic people who share a similar love of crafting and/or finding such wonderful geocaches and would like to swap stories and photos, talk shop and help evangelize and promote this fabulous aspect of geocaching.


Now I realize and respect that not everyone caches the same way I do, so I have created a (*gasp*) Facebook Discussion Group where like-minded folks can hopefully go and share their passion and creativity:




I hope to see you there.



The Extraordinary & Delightful Geocache Enthusiasts (EDGE)

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I requested to join. I've only found 1 well crafted cache, but I'd love to find more. It just takes forever to locate ones near you. In a 10 mile radius of my zip code, there are 824 caches. The top 5 by favorite points: 2 virtuals, 1 multi, and 2 traditional. Hard to find a good puzzle cache, or a well crafted hide.

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Well...since joining the Facebook group, I was roped into helping the team build a website for EDGE and it just went live.


The goal is to build an online resource to help all cachers build and place creative/cool caches.The website is young now, with only a few posts, but we hope to grow the library over time.


The website can be found at http://edgecaching.org/.


As an example of what's to come, here is an article on using electricity in caches: http://edgecaching.org/?q=node/15

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