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'keewee and family visit the USA!' Cointest


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guess 2, april 15


Inbound - May 22


Tip: Carry around the discount coupons you see in leaflets for restaurants in your purse. You never know when you might decide to eat in one of them and they do save money. Also discount coupons are available for some of the smaller attractions such as places like Gaterland, Airboat Rides, Skull Kingdom, Titanic Exhibition, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Guinness Book of Records and crazy golf. These coupons can save you money and it is really frustrating when you decide to go to one and your coupon is sitting on the coffee table back at the villa.


taken from here: http://www.lastminut...to-orlando.html


Oh... emm... since I am collecting coupons...as a kind of private money.... can I have the unused ones? :laughing:

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guess 3 for April 15


outbound - August 12


tip: As for shopping there are 4 main malls. Beltz Factory Outlets and Premium Outlets for bargains, Millennia Mall for Designer Clothes and Florida Mall for High street fashion. Don't stuff your suitcases on the way out, and maybe even consider taking an empty one, as most people end up buying lots of extra stuff. Women's clothes sizes are two sizes down eg. UK size 14 is US size 12. Also don’t forget to ask for visitors discount at Macy’s and Bloomingdale Department stores at Millennia. (They give 11%, which is worth having).


taken from http://www.lastminut...to-orlando.html

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Guess #1 - 4/15


Leave NZ December 13 at 7 am


Idea - Enjoy the Christmas holiday decorations at the different amusement parks. Disney does an excellent job with their christmas decorations. A lot of the characters have holiday outfits for great pictures. Epcot emphasizes how different countries celebrate christmas.

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Guess #2 4/15


Leave New Zealand December 14 10:15 am


Idea - Visit the Gingerbread house at the Disney Grand Floridian hotel. We visited it this year. It is a 2 story house made of gingerbread and decorations - completely edible. They also have a staff member that makes small houses each day at 11:00 am (unsure exact time) and they have free gingerbread samples at that time.

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December is a little late... ;)


Where is everyone from the forums these days? Seems to be very few new topics or people posting in existing topics lately! Have they all fled? Or are they all out caching?


Usually a coinest would attract mega-attention!


Given there are so few people around and posting then I am relaxing the posting rule :- you can now post once per hour!

Edited by keewee
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Inbound - October 6th 8:00 am!


Idea... while I was searching to find for you and the cointest something... I saw this... and just because this year.. and actually... today or yesterday...in some parts.. was the 100 years from the Titanic...disaster...


there is a Titanic museum in Orlando! there is a 1 hour guided tour through the world’s first permanent Titanic exhibition, which features the amazing stories of passengers and crew who survived the ordeal, a full-scale re-creation of the Grand Staircase, more than 250 artifacts and memorabilia from the 1997 Oscar-winning movie, Titanic.


not bad right??? ;)



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If your dates are into the fall/winter (here) there are some really great community festivals that can give you some real local flavor. The usually start in October and go into December. They generally focus on seafood and fine arts but there are a variety of them. Once your dates get guessed, (unless I've missed them) I can be of more help.

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