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download geocache coordinates to garmin hc summit


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On my computer, I have installed version 4.0 of trip and waypint manager software; Garmin ommunicator plugin, which my computer says is the latest update; and Easy GPS software. When I click on the download button for a cache on the far right of the cache info line on the page that lists about 20 caches, I get the message that my GPS receiver can't be located. I have no idea what is wrong. This is my first try at paperless geocaching.

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A few questions:

1. What model of Garmin do you have?

2. Stupid question (just want to gather all relevant information): Is your GPS connected to your computer?

3. Does it show as being connected in mass storage mode?


I assume you're running Windows based on your mention of EasyGPS.


Edit: Whoops, totally missed the model of your GPS in the topic title. Sorry.

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Usually, when a computer cannot locate your unit, it is a connection problem.


Try a different port. I hope it is a USB cord. Serial to USB adapters can be a similar problem -- that connection. I'm not familiar enough with a Summit to know which cord it uses.


Also, could be a connection problem at the GPSr end plug.

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