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Welcome to Geocaching cfctommy!


We have some larger caches hidden. You can see M carrying one on his head in our avatar picture to the right. Deeper in the woods, away from the hiking trails. Under a log, in a stump, under a pine tree, usually with the UPS (under a pile of sticks). There are some large caches that are hung on a rope that is thrown over a branch on a tree and you have to lower the cache down.


Have a look at the Cool Cache Containers forum topic for some ideas!


Just some advice, your first hide, will not last long. The baggie will become wet from the humidity and then that water will rust shut your tin. Sorry. Locknlocks and ammo cans have a o-ring will keep out the water and will not break in the sun and winter cold. There is also a forum topic on bad cache containers.


And Thank your for interest in placing larger caches for your fellow geocachers to find!


Enjoy your Geocaching Adventures!


mwellman from Alberta

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I have recently got a protein shake mix container, which is pretty large in size, and spray painted a very nice cammo onto it.

I was wondering where a good place to conceal such a large and bulky cache would be. Any suggestions?

I've got a spot about 30 miles west of here that can take such a container. Bring it on out and I'll show you where to put it. :rolleyes:

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We had a parking pad with alley access only in our back yard. There was a fence separating the yard from the pad and it was next to a small 2 unit apartment building. With the fence you wouldn't know the property was ours or what dwelling it belonged to. We had a big bush next to the fence so we thought we would have fun. The cache was called "Who's Watching?" GC2PRVP (It's archived now because we moved but you can still view it and if you use a satalite view you can see GZ). We lived in a tight neighborhood with houses and apartments all around. There were endless windows all overlooking GZ. We had a blast reading the logs, especially the ones who didn't have the courage to approach. :P

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