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NGS photo mystery

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I recently submitted a recovery to NGS for DF7525 in St. Charles County, Missouri.


I also submitted several photos through DSWorld.


The recovery report has now been added to the datasheet, along with a link to the photos. But the photos are not as I uploaded them. They are smaller and have been relabeled.


My photos are 900 px (longest dimension) and mostly 200-300 k.


The published photos are smaller, both in dimension and filesize.


The label text is the same, but is smaller and blurrier than in my original. Mine is black text on a yellow background; the published labels are black on white.


I don't understand why this was done. Has anyone else experienced this?



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Photos wider than 800 pixels are apparently still being resized down to 800 wide after the NGS receives them. They will change the captions occasionally too, I have one where they added "(DESTROYED)" to the end of the caption on a photo of an obviously destroyed mark. Maybe someone felt the yellow background on yours might be harder to read or something. I've actually had some where they changed the contrast of the photos some time after they had already shown up on the data sheet which I thought was a tad odd.

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