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Cache found issue: found vs distinct numbers

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Okay, I am curious about my status. The status says "You've found 1997 caches (1996 distinct) since your first cache...".

Does this mean I have logged a cache twice? If so, what is the easiest way to figure this out?

I have downloaded "My Finds" pocket query and it only has 1996 caches in it. So that doesn't appear to be a solution.

Looking for some assistance.



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That's the ticket... it's a bit like a "legaleeze" way of saying "You have double-found a cache".


A My Finds Query does not make a distinction as to which is logged multiple times, it is simply a list of those you have found.


Two ways to find it:

1) hand search -- have fun!

2) GSAK can easily locate any duplicate finds.

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