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Smartphone or Handheld?

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I'm sending a Magellen to corporate today- maybe the president of Magellan can use it as a book end.


I'm looking for opinions for 48 hours- Do I buy a smartphone droid with a geoapp or a handheld traditional GPS unit?


Is the purchase all about the chip? Does a smartphone not work as well in the woods?

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Don't get a smartphone just for geocaching. Get a smart phone for all its other intended purposes that you'll use it for.


If you need a smart phone (for home, work) - then get a smartphone. They are great if you are a casual geocacher, beginner geocacher, or don't have a whole lot of time. They are limited in battery life, accuracy, and not built to take the outdoors/wetness,and they don't work very well with a lack of cell signal. Cell phones aren't designed for geocaching in mind.


A handheld is the best way to enjoy the geocaching experience for a variety of reasons already listed above - they have better battery life, better accuracy, and can withstand the elements and are designed specifically for geocaching.

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