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"You are not logged in"

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I am curious as to how this forum software works with logging in. When I login via the geocaching.com web page, there are two checkboxes which say "remember me" and "also log me in to the forums".


I would assume that the second option would prevent the "you are not logged in" from coming up, and I would always stay logged in. But any time my browser session is reset (reboot or restart the browser, but NOT deleting cookies), I need to login.


Sometimes, I need to click the login link twice. This is before and after the August 22-23 upgrade, and is either browser independant, or Win98SE specific. I have the same behaviour for both IE6.mumble and Opera 6.mumble.



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A quick and dirty explanation is that the forums and the geocaching.com site are located on two different machines, at two different physical locations, managed by two different companies. Infopop actually hosts and maintains these forums.


When you login to the Geocaching.com site, we know who you are, and clicking on the "also login to the forums" box also redirects you to the Groundspeak forums and logging you here as well. If you don't click on it, basically you don't notify the forums that you are logged in.


This was basically done because if we merge both sites, each time you login to the Geocaching.com site you would be forced to log into the Groundspak forums. And if the forums were down, you would be unable to login to the Geocaching.com site.


In order for this never to happen, we decided it would be best to go through the extra step of logging in here before posting.


A complicated answer for a simple question.


Jeremy Irish

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IF both sites used LDAP to perform authentication (and store preferences too!) you wouldn't have this problem. You could just setup a replica ring between the two servers. Quick, easy, done.


I'd of course recommend Novell's eDirectory. It backends sites like cnn.com for example and is free to download for development purposes. If you decide to use it to back end a website there is a licensing cost but its quite reasonable. It also runs on Netware (of course), Linux and oh yea WinNT/2K.



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