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New Feature: My Geocaching Profile: Statistics for cache hides

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I had this idea, too.

This seems to be the only thread about it (at least I couldn't find any other), but I think this feature should get some attention.


Hiding a (good) cache takes ten times or more effort than finding one, so I hope Groundspeak can take this into consideration.

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Hiding a (good) cache takes ten times or more effort than finding one, so I hope Groundspeak can take this into consideration.

So what statistic do you use for determining that someone has hidden a "good" cache?


I suppose you could show the number of favorite points someone's caches have; but just how meaningful is this? A park an grab that happens to be at a famous tourist spot is likely to get found often and get a number of favorite points despite begin a nano stuck to a railing. The caches I'm most likely to enjoy might be one requiring a long hike that don't get found very often. Even trying to normalize the favorite count by dividing by the number of finds does not provide a much better statistic of "good" hide.


I noticed that the OP wants the hide to find ratio. Once again someone how puts out a power trail is likely to have a higher hide to find ratio than someone who likes to hide complex caches with custom built containers or someone who likes to hide caches that require long hikes and may want to limit the number of cache they have to maintain.


Another similarly useless statistic is the so-call geocaching karma - the number of finds on your caches compared to the number of finds you have. Again this number encourages people to hide lots of of park and grab caches that will get a high find count. That may be good for some people and not so good for others.


I don't object to a section of statistics for a person's hides, but I do object to the idea that this will some how encourage people to hide "better" caches.

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There is software available now that will crunch up stats on your hides. Then you can post that on your profile.


Right now, you can look at anybody's profile and see what they've hidden. You can look at your own.


I just looked at Toz's hides for example. 53 hides, an impressive 20 of them with at least one favorite point.

Traditional 37

Multi-cache 2

Virtual Cache 1

Event Cache 1

Unknown Cache 9

Wherigo Cache 1


It's all sitting right there on the profile page.


Hides to finds ratio is just silly - it may seem like it makes sense, but only if you don't stay in the game long. Eventually, your finds keep climbing and you can't possibly maintain some ratio of owned caches to keep up a ratio.

I'm a prolific hider, I'm retired, with time to deal with caches, but I'm still about topped out at ~100 active caches. If there's some ratio to maintain, I have to start deleting old finds to log new ones! my find count is going to keep climbing, but my owned caches is about at the end.


So what statistic do you use for determining that someone has hidden a "good" cache?


This. A couple of my own best hides, by my own thinking, are not much found.

And one has only a couple of favorite points (a surprise to me). My 2 most found hides are both fairly pedestrian.

On the other hand, i own a multicache, that I thought kind of tedious in design (I had to do some finagling to avoid cache saturation, and force people to find the legal entry)). That hide has quite a few favorites. I'd be mildly grumpy to find one like it ;-)

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Yes, you can use things like GSAK and I think mygeocachingprofile.com to get statistics on hidden caches....

But like the others have said, there is no way to locate a 'good' cache, as there would be way too many factors involved. Also, everyone has their own taste in what constitutes a great cache...

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