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This whole thing has been very poorly handled from the start.


I know this exact suggestion was made very early on but they either ignored it or never checked user feedback and bulldozed through anyway. That page says they've now reached agreement with Google, but honestly, I do wonder if it was even considered and asked in the beginning.


Sorry GS, you do many things well, but responding to your customers ain't one.

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I see that this news is well hidden in a thread no one shall probably read anyway. But that is as would be expected.

While I agree that GS are pretty dire at communicating with their customers and particularly so over this whole maps debacle, this thread was a feature request for Google maps to be brought back for premium members and has been a pretty active thread so it's not unreasonable that Jezza responded on there, where else do you think he should have posted it? I suspect when the code has been cut it will be announced in the release notes for some future release


Enjoy your premium membership folks.

And the impending rise in fees. I get my FREE mapping elsewhere.

There's no suggestion that this will lead to an increase in PM fees yet, but as it's stayed the same since its inception I don't think a small increase is going to bug people too much.

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Oh, sorry... Did you want something non-boring from me?


I don't feel the need to upset any caching carts on this topic, others on this forum are well able to "stir" just for the sake of it. Google maps returning is not a major issue for us as we hardly ever use them. I provided the link in my OP simply to alert other users of this UK forum of what was happening because I know that many never venture further than this place - they do not enjoy, or wish to be involved with, the far-flung delights of the Geocaching Topics, the How Do I? place, the cloistered world of the Travel Bug forum, not to mention the strange happenings of Off Topic.


Incidentally, I consider your post that I've quoted to be rude. I have reported it. (Sorry to be so boring).



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