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Distance/Direction in Bookmark List wrong

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A weird thing that is wrong in my opinion (and that I can reproduce reliably):

  1. Make sure you have entered home coordinates in your profile
  2. Create a Bookmark List (optional, you just have to have one (can even be one of another player))
  3. Add a Listing near your HOME coordinates to the List (the bookmarks has to contain at least one entry from which you know where the coordinates point to relative to your home coordinates)
  4. Create a PQ (normal, not from the bookmark list!) centered (far) away from your home coordinates
  5. wait for the PQ to run (may be optional, not tested)
  6. reload the bookmark list

expected: the listing has the known distance/direction to your home coordinates

observed: the distance/direction of the listing in the bookmark list is calculated from the PQ center


When you run* another PQ with another center point the bookmark entries get their distance/direction from this new PQ.


*not tested if this occurs due to the "creation" or due to the "run" of a PQ. I can reproduce it with creating new PQs


(Chrome, Win7)

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