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Paintings Then and Now

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i'm thinking about the following thing.


I'm an officer in the Photos Then and Now category.

We are searching there for photos.


I'd like to waymark old paintings and the place where they had been painted.

Similar to the "Photos Then and Now" (Same details, same angles,...)


The paintings are not postcards.


Here some examples:












Is there are category for my idea already?


Thanks, lumbricus

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Nice idea and addition to the Photos Then and Now, but we must consider the intellectual property rights of the paintings.

But if they are older than 70 years, no problem.

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There is no difference between photos and paintings when it comes to copyright. And it is not the age of the picture, the artist has to be dead for this period. The picture of a 17 years old who died with 102 years will still be under copyright after 155 years, no matter if photo or painting.

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"Picturesque Paintings

Photograph the modern scene in a painting on public view and record accurate coordinates.


Many paintings depict a real scene. For those paintings that do not represent the view but are inspired by the view, then your posting will be problematic. You are going to have to convince the officers.


Find where the artist set up their easel to take your photograph and record those exact coordinates with your GPSr. Electronic mapping derived coordinates are inaccurate. Be wary of smartphone coordinates also.


The painting must be on public view. People must be able to visit the painting. Paintings explicitly for sale in commercial galleries are not allowed. Although all paintings are technically for sale, except ones owned by public bodies, your subject needs to be publicly accessible. On loan to a exhibition gallery is public access. If a member of the public can not visit the painting, then do not post. Find another. Paintings on view in a private dwelling may not qualify, except where the painting is a print (copy) and the original is on public view elsewhere. Say where original is.


A painting online is publicly accessible, but where is the original? You do not have to visit the original.



Name your waymark after the painting name and artist. Include county if you want. Eg The Haywain by John Constable - Flatford Mill Dorset


Accurate coordinates taken with a GPSr of where the artist stood. Smartphone and electronic mapping coordinates will not be accurate enough.


Short description

Include where the painting is on public view. And what and where the painting shows in reality. State which direction to look eg. N S E W 182 degrees


Long Description

Please say how to arrange viewing of the painting if it is not obvious. For paintings in public galleries and not for sale this will be easy. In England, Government Art Collection places paintings in British Government buildings which may have limited opening times..



Two images needed.

Default photograph taken by you of the scene in the painting. Further photos to illustrate points raised in your text. Also upload a photo of the painting either taken by you or from another source. Please credit all sources. Somehow viewers need to see both your photograph of the topic and an image of the painting.



Please credit all sources. "Quoted material can generally be used as long as it is clearly indicated as such (quotation marks are the accepted way to do this) and the source identified with URL for a web page if it is the source." source SQ. Tell us about the artist and this painting and the scene. eg Dates, life history, what are we looking at.


It is doubtful whether any of us are art historians nor art critics. Check with source about copying their text.


Check List before posting. If in doubt post and be prepared for a decision.

Is the painting publicly viewable?

Accurate coordinates

Images of view and painting means minimum of two photos.

Some text.


UK HMRC listing of places http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/heritage/colsearch.htm

Where a painting is on display in UK http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/about/

UK Government Art Collection http://www.gac.culture.gov.uk/


Please use reviewer box to communicate with officers.



Website of painting. Exact URL of painting appreciated.



Sat nav address

And postcode" FlipFlopNick


I tried to contact FlipFlopNick but i got no response.

It's not so nice to start a new group. But if there is no response and interest anymore?

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I think this is an intriguing concept.


I do think it is important to verify the image of the painting.

I suspect that most waymarks would use an image captured from the internet, so I would have a required variable for a URL linking to the web site where the image was found. IF the image of the paining is from another source - a scanned image, for instance, then that must be given. If it is a personal photo, then the source must also be given. I think this is essential.

Of course, matching the viewpoint is important, too.

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That's a fun idea! There's a landscaped garden just outside my flat which has a few paintings on display from the time the garden was still new.


One thing though that comes to mind: there are so many paintings of so many time periods. And many paintings are still made. Could I not just submit my own landscape painting as a WM?


Mrs. terratin

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This category is still in development. The current version of the proposal states that the painting must be on public view. So if you manage to sell your painting to a museum and have it on permanent display there, yes, then you can waymark your own painting. But maybe the requirements change before it goes to Peer Review.


The other way round there is a category: Drawing Waymarks. Draw or paint your version of a location, then you can submit it there.

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I afraid it won't be so easy to find an opportunity to contribute to such category. Ideally, I would prefer to see both together in the same category, considering the similarities of both arts.

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I love this idea as a category! Even more so than the Then and Now photograph category for the reason that there are a plethora of paintings in public art galleries and museums all over the world of renowned painters that could really put a physical place to the painting in question for others to visit and relive the moment where the painter was inspired.


I hope it becomes a category soon!



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Category can be found here.

The category is now live. And as usual was not visible in NEWEST categories, but easily found in FULL CATEGORY LIST. It went live 24 hours after peer review finished according to email I received. Group officers did not make category visible. It appeared of its own accord, I think, because I was looking to make category visible. Without success. Unless a lackey was working this weekend?

Category can be found here.


The results of Peer Review are here.

61 voters 5 anonymous DENIED <-- which shows why Groundspeak put money into GCs. Waymarkers are a prolific minority. Please start another thread on this.

Thanks for your confidence.


The group officers will endeavour to help submitters in the early stages.

Look forward to your postings and finding my own, as English Lake District has many artists over the years.

Alfred Heaton Cooper

Beatrix Potter

Delmar Banner

Jill Aldersley


come easily to mind.

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