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....make a PQ for a specific geotrail/series

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My personal geocaching name is not a premium membership but our team (Cache N Out) does. Now that we have full force gotten back into geocaching since the birth of our son, we want to use our premium membership better. My specific question is; how do I make a list of a specific series of caches in a pocket query, I suppose. I have never made a PQ and was looking at how to but am stumped.


There are 2 geotrail series in my area that we would like to work on. One, the Captain John Smith Geotrail and two, the Star Spangled Banner Geotrail. Each cache in these series are are named starting with CJS or SSB. I was hoping to do a search of all of these caches in these series so they are all together in a list and/or on a map together. In all the options to choose in making a PQ, I don't see where you can search by cache name or by part of the name like "CJS" or "SSB".


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Both of those series are on Bookmark lists. On any of the cache pages, there is a link to the Bookmark list. At the bottom of the Bookmark page, there is a button to create a Pocket Query. That PQ will include only the caches on the list. If a series is not on a Bookmark list, it's a lot more work.

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