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app for Brew phone without GPS? (HTC)

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I am starting geocachen now and were woundering if there is a geocachen App for phones wich works with Brew MP (that is the HTC smart F3188). Unfortunatly this phone doesn't have GPS! :(

Is there still a way to get a App with all the cachs? E.g wich shows you a map and you can search for cachs with the map?


I hope you know what I mean and can help me,



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Looks like your phone has GPS so you should be fine. Also looks to Android based. There are a number of Android apps for Geocaching available. A few to list:


-Official Groundspeak app



-Locus Maps w/ Geocaching addon





Take your pic. Try them all and see what works best for you!

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thank you for your fast replie. I already thought, that my phone has GPS, because it always exactly located where I am. But my friend, from who i have this phone, said that it doesn't have GPS. But I think she was wrong, or is there any other way to locate where you are without using GPS?

I think I have a go with a feew of this Apps,




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Some phones use triangulation based on distances from cell towers. Some also use the locations of known wifi networks.


If you're running Android, then you should be able to select

Menu > Settings > Location & Security

to see settings related to location services. Make sure "Use GPS satellites" is enabled.

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