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Oregon 450t only showing one cache on the map

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I loaded up a PQ onto my new Oregon, I checked that it had loaded by bringing up a few caches on it. I didn't however check the map facility. When I looked at the map, the Oregon was only showing one cache at a time, once I'd clicked 'found -> find next closest' the found cache didn't change to the gold found colour, it just disappeared. This made it really hard to navigate round a series anbd find other caches that could have been near by.

I tried the PQ on my Dakota and it all worked fanastically- the 500 caches I'd loaded up all appeared on the map. I then tried a smaller PQ of caches and also firing across individual caches, yet still, only one cache is shown on the map at a time.

I cannot find anything that needs changing on the menus.


Any ideas.

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Silly question but have you tried zooming out on the map?


If it is zoomed in real close it may only show one cache at a time. Then when ever you choose go to next closest at a real close zoom level you will only see one more again.


Oh, how you zoom out is when on the map you will see a + and a -. Tap the - several times and see what happens.

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Zooming in and out had no effect, still only one cache showing. I have a Dakota as well which works in a very similar way to the Oregon and yet that has no issues at all and with the same PQ running, I could see all the caches on the map zooming in and out.

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