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Changing the Flag Waypoint Symbol

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I absolutely HATE the default FLAG waypoint symbol. I put a lot of waypoints into my Garmin 76CSx to mark land parcel corners, mile markers and intersections. I went to to the trouble to change all my symbols to a small black square in Mapsource. They all showed up as flags again in the Garmin 76CSx. They were all changed back to flags in Mapsource when I downloaded them back from the 76CSx.


I have been searching for a list of symbols that is common to the 76CSx and Mapsource so this will not happen. Does anyone know if the 76CSx has a dot or a small square that can be selected as the default?

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When I select any waypoint page on a 60, I can rocker up, and hi-lite, the flag in the small upper left corner. Then under Markers, I usually select the smallest square for most of my points. All points made after that selection will be that square. I will have to change all of the older points manually, because I'm not much on 'puter use.

Sometimes when I have several points close together, I'll go to the map page>Setup Map and under text size: User Waypoints, select None. Now when I use the rocker on the map page, and pan over and touch the "dot" in question, the text ID will come on for a few seconds telling me which point it is.

One can select different icons to represent different things, like the small squares for the corners and something else for the intersections, etc. I use the big square for some surveyed points and for the 3 WAAS waypoints, so then I can select "Select Symbol" for just those points. Garmin calls the big squares City (Large).

Another fun helper that I found, was for special waypoints, like where I parked my truck, I put a zero, space, Truck in the name of the waypoint, since the numbers will appear at the top of the All Symbols List. Then when I move the truck to the next location, all I have to do is to is hit Find>Waypoints>0 Truck, and do the Reposition Here thing.

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There are two threads going that are asking the same question.....


Mark a waypoint with your unit, then ,then, ON THE UNIT, toggle up and highlight and change the symbol....to one of the "city" symbols (sm,med,lg).....hit enter, and leave it at that choice...


In "Garmin GPS unit speak", Default Waypoint=Blue Flag symbol. So, if "it" sees a "default waypoint" coming to it from marking, or from other software, it assigns the blue flag. If the user changes THE UNIT to another symbol, when it "sees" a "default waypoint" coming to it, it will assign the newer symbol.


It's what the UNIT is set on when it receives data that determines what is "Default for Default Data"


In Mapsource, look at setting up different "Categories" with different symbols to send multiple symbols to the unit at the same time.


Mapsource uses "Categories", Expert GPS uses "Types", to separate different data with different symbols. I'm sure there are others.....

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