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How do I know there is a new cache?

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How do I know there is a new cache? Can I get a mail of this?


One of the perks of Premium Membership is "Instant Notifications":



As a Basic Member, you can find out about newly published caches by going to your profile page http://www.geocaching.com/my/default.aspx and scrolling down to the "Search Options" section, where you will see a link that says "List newest in xxxx".


You could also subscribe to the weekly newsletter, which lists all the events and recently published caches in your area.





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And just to add to everyone's options:


1. Log in

2. From the home page, click on the little hour glass, which is hopefully next to your current home location or very near.

3. At the next list which should be all the caches near you, with closest being the first and so on down the list. Not quite to the far right and pretty close to the top of the page click on the hyperlink that says "placed" one time. This will bring the caches within 100 miles of you in descending order by placed date. (keep in mind, placed date, does not mean published date), but this is going to get you very close hopefully.

4. Also just to right of the placed hyperlink is a hyperlink named "last found". Click on it just once and you it will bring the top the geocaches that have not been found. Between the two of them you will narrow in on the brand new ones. You may also narrow in on some that haven't been found for a year plus or so after being placed, by this method.


Good Luck!

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