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Swag for new caches

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The best FTF prize is the virgin log.


Some add an FTF prize, but usually not too extravagant (a Krugerrand would do nicely -- kidding, really).


As far as SWAG goes, I read similar threads and most say buy cheap stuff from the el-cheapo stores -- I actually disagree. You can be cheap, but you needn't buy the new junk in the "something for little" stores.

We do well with garage sale/yard sale/moving sale items, most of it unique and you can pick it up for ± 10% of new. That way too, you can see that it isn't junk. Sure, stuff new from the store is good, but when have you seen GOOD stuff cheap, lately?


Stay away from food items (meaning chocolates, sweets, nuts and doggie treats, etc.) and avoid liquids of any kind (they will leak) -- especially soapy bubble for the kiddies.


Things like key rings, carabiners and the like can be obtained in mass, and are cheap. Not the "life depends on it" carabiner, but the type to attach items to your belt or pack. Things generally with batteries (installed) are a poor choice. Pins, lots of them.... the kind similar to a tie tack -- Olympics, Travel, Patriotic, etc. -- my "boss" loves them and has a pretty impressive collection now.

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I've been looking at dedicated geocaching supply sites for swag :)

I hit one of the dollar stores and pickup stuff for kids, pencils, flashlights, tools, playing cards, whatever I think may be useful to someone. A couple of activated trackables doesn't hurt either.

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Holiday Woods is my first cache. I LOADED it full of easter related swag for the kiddies, a FTF coin (unregistered) a cachkinz ghost trackable (registered) a first aid kit, a cool clip on led headlamp, a survival whistle, and the log. My next cache in the works is a multi/puzzle cache, so the swag will be limited. My 'boss' is a fan of all things penguin, so she wants me to make a penguin themed cache asap. There's lots of cool stuff out there. It has been my experience that the adults hunt for the hunt and are bummed when they find an empty cache, but don't really care about the swag. Most of my swag (90%) is kid related.
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I too usually hit garage sales and the like. I make sure what I buy is in nice condition and would be desirable by anyone. Sometimes I get some really good deals when stores are going out of business. I pick up something for adults, children, and even pets (play toys, chew toys and such.) I also keep the pet stuff in the original container so folks with pets know who it is for. I make sure there is nothing that is edible since that would attract wild animals. I know most adults are just going for the smiley, but make sure there is stuff in there for them as well as kids. This makes everyone happy. Also, keep it well stocked. Check on it as often as you can especially once the warm weather hits. I would also check it more often if it is being found a lot since some people (adults and kids) may take stuff, but leave nothing. Yes, that does happen. That's why I check up on them. Have fun and I think you will do quite well. It's nice that you want to find a bunch before hiding some. That's the way to do it right. Cache on my friend. :rolleyes:

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