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Geocaching Essay!

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For my English Class we are writing a multi-genre essay and putting it into a 3 ring binder. I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions for what to write about. The essay has to be about 3 pages long. I was already thinking about writing about:


Selective Availability government document and how that affected geocaching,

The history of geocaching,

How it works,

What a geocache is and looks like,

What's inside a geocache,

(maybe) Why I do it,

Where they are in the world and how many there are (along with geocachers),

The different sizes and ratings of difficulty, and how that affects the experience,

What you need to go geocaching,



I think I have some others, but they just aren't coming to mind right now. So if you can think of any more suggestions, it would help A LOT! (There's other stuff to go into the binder, but I think I have that figured out.)


Thanks in advance!


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If you do it properly, this will be easily a 3 page paper! I would add interviewing some geocachers. Why not go to some of the local people you know and interview them why they cache. Dont' forget the social gatherings. Good source of info!


If you don't know any other locals, then contact the owner of maybe some local caches you have found and ask if you can interview them.


Send and email to contact@Groundspeak.com and ask if they have someone from HQ you can interview via phone.


Does that give an idea or two more?

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