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Spring Has Sprung! Morpho Butterfly Cointest


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Spring Has Sprung! Cointest Description:


In celebration of spring, we are initiating a new cointest this week!


Spring is a special time of year. Not only does it bring warmer weather, but it also brings longer daylight hours and most importantly of all - new caches! Spring is a great time of year to update or maintain your previously published caches. It is also a great time to give back to the geocaching community and publish new caches featuring a unique hide or ones that take fellow geocachers to exciting locations during their hunt for the find. This is the time of year that many people are offered their best chance at getting a "First to Find" prize potentially contained within a newly published cache.


We would love to hear what your favorite aspects are in regards to spring-time caching! This could be anything from the warm weather to newly accessible caches revealed by melting snow. Let us know by posting your most favored element about spring caching in the spot below.


Coin that will be up for grabs during this cointest:







  • Edition: Satin Gold
  • Measures Approx 3"
  • Translucent enamel colors
  • Hinged design
  • Special edition
  • Trackable on Geocaching.com
  • A unique icon shows on your profile when you log a discovery.


Here are the rules, regulations and details for this cointest:


What can you win?

A fully trackable unactivated Morpho Butterfly Satin Gold Geocoin. One lucky winner will have this coin mailed to their address of choice free of charge.


Who can enter?

Anyone and everyone!


How can I enter?

1. Post what you like about geocaching in the spring in the comments on youtube.


2. Post what you like about geocaching on the Geocaching Vlogger's facebook page.


3. Post what you like about geocaching on the CacheboxStore.com facebook page.



4. Post what you like about geocaching in reply to this topic.

Can we make posts via this topic?

Of course! We encourage everyone to participate in the discussion your favorite things about spring geocaching.


How long will the cointest run?

You can submit answers until Sunday April 1st 2012, 11:59pm MST.


How will the winner be chosen?

Winner will be determined by a random drawing. The winner will be announced as soon as contact has been established. If no contact has been established after 3 days, another winner will be chosen at random. This will continue until a winner has successfully been contacted.


How many times can I enter?

One entry per person please. This gives everyone with the correct answer a fair chance to win.



Logan Wealing

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I will once again try to win your contest :) Spring time here in Estonia means the melting of all the snow. Having spent over 4 months with more than half a meter of snow on the ground I am once again able to look for many of the caches that were cover or frozen for the winter. Also, as the days pass they get longer giving me more time to cache in the light :)

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Springtime means it's not to cold and not to hot. The ground isn't frozen solid and the pavement isn't burning up. It means seeing peple looking around bushes and going off the beaten path isn't that unusual. It means checking to see if the groundspeople have tossed your cache. Springtime means it's geocaching time!!! Of course anytime is geocaching time!

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Spring is different everywhere. Today within half an hour I hit pouring rain, a snow storm, and fog, and black ice on the roads. Yet neighbors to the south have blooming trees and flowers and green. I still have two feet of snow on my lawn, whatever isn't white is brown.


Spring geocaching brings newly released caches that you can find without worrying that they are snowed in or icebound. New caches in the spring make geocaching fantastic for me!

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Okay - for all your northern hemisphere cachers, it is not spring here! I have to wait another six months for that!

Here in South Pacific New Zealand, we are just entering the cooler days, but still caching, as where I am located there is unlikely to be snow on the ground.


During the coller months though our caching weekends are less often, and less likely to be treks! But for those fortuntate enough we may get to fly north..... and that's what I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO this year.

All going well, I hope to cache on sacred ground. Although not all caches are there, I hope to find at least one of four caches located at Angkor Wat, Cambodia. And maybe several in Singapore on the stop over. I just it will be a taste of spring during our cooler months - though nearer the equator there are only 2 seasons - wet and dry, while further away there are four!


What is best about going there to cache, is that it is butterfly country! If anyone knows me, then they will know I LOVE butterflies. We have so few here, and only the Monarch as a mid size (and our largest) butterfly. We do have a tropical butterfly house that is a controlled environment, but none free.... so Cambodia has a huge attraction (lets not discuss other creepy, stingy, bitey bugs though!)

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Oh... I love Spring and of course Spring caching! The weather is not cold and it is not very hot either... so it is just perfect!! We can wear T-shirts and sports wear without heavy coats etc...


ok.. we do not have a heavy winter here...but we have winds.. and these makes the cold colder... (the wind is blowing from the sea... so.. we have lots of humidity..) but we have a very hot summer... so.. the perfect match is Spring!

hehehehe I have to admit that sometimes.. we start going to the beach from the first days of May so.. ;)


we are enjoying caching at that time because there are still not many tourists or muggles... but since most of the caches are hidden in beautiful areas... we can enjoy the wakening of mother nature! :) it is lovely... butterflies, bugs, bees, birds, lovely flowers... it is so nice!!! The sun is warm but iti s not burning you... oh it is just lovely!!!


btw... the streams still have water at that period... so if we are lucky... we can see tiny frogs or the gizzani fish which are very very rare!! they are tiny fishes, highly protected that live only here in rhodes... I think... their living areas are not many... so...they are rare..

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Spring in central FL lasts about 3 days, usually not consecutive, and can fall anywhere between Jan and March. For me it is a time to get out in the woods after the wayward flying lead of hunting season has ceased and before the sweltering heat and bugs of summer have ended. Spring provides one last gasp of fresh air, before 8 months of summer misery sets in and all living things here take it in for all it's worth.


Spring is also a time when there is almost no such thing as a dnf. Even if the cache is not found, nature will provide an abundance of beauty to make up for it.

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Is it true that this cointest is only open to the US? The person who posted the youtube video said so in a reply to the youtube video.


Although most of the members of this forum live in the US, I understand that the official Groundspeak message board is international, so I'm a bit puzzled about the "Who can enter? Anyone and everyone!" vs the youtube post.

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I really like caching in the spring especially just as the trees start to bud. I like the walk in the woods with everything coming alive again. The flowers are just starting to bloom and add color to the scenery. A highlight for me is that the bushwacking seems so much easier. I can walk right through areas that would be very troublesome in mid summer. It seems that the thorns aren't quite so sharp and the poison ivy vines are not so dangerous. AND of course there are no bugs yet!! :laughing:

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Our geocaching career (it is a career no..?) was launched pursuing our hobby of birding. The spring brought us out of the cabin and visiting our birding haunts always looking for that wayward (rare bird) traveler that took the wrong route and would allow us to see something unusual. The quest for a glimpse of a once in a lifetime bird. Reports back then were just by phone and there was a report of a rare rufus hummingbird located in a WMA we were not familiar with. While researching that area and how to get there we came across the word "Geocache". The rest is history. Each spring we now combine two of out favorite "careers". The eagles are nesting, rare bird opportunities abound, colors are popping, and new cachers eager to show their hiding talents usher in spring for us. What a great time of the year! :D

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Is it true that this cointest is only open to the US? The person who posted the youtube video said so in a reply to the youtube video.


Although most of the members of this forum live in the US, I understand that the official Groundspeak message board is international, so I'm a bit puzzled about the "Who can enter? Anyone and everyone!" vs the youtube post.


The cointest is open to international entries - however the shipping address must be to the United States.


Logan Wealing

Cachebox Geocaching Store



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Springtime caching means great weather- not the 110 degree plus summer weather we have here in the central valley of California. It means the flowers are blooming and the oranges are growing and the smell in the air is so sweet, I want to bottle it up and save it forever. It also means the days are getting longer, which gives more daylight to find caches.

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What we love about spring time caching: getting back into our hiking boots and going after caches that were under snow or that require longer hikes. These are great family times with our geokid and geodog! We found a cache last weekend, despite the rain, that required climbing over downed logs, skirting patches of snow, and fording over little streams. What an adventure!

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We enjoy caching anytime but springtime is the best in Florida. The weather is warm but not hot so it is great for longer hikes. It is not yet rainy or hurricane season so we are not trekking through swamps and we see a lot more wildlife at this time of year. In fact it is so good that we are off to get some caches right now.

Thanks for the cointest.


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