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Jersey Channel Islands

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Any geo cachers here from the Channel Islands?


I'm heading to Jersey for a long weekend shortly and wanted to do a few caches whilst there.

However, as Im only there for a short time Im looking for advice on any recommended or 'must do caches' if anyone has any suggestions?



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Yes please Simply Paul
Since the site is running for me again, I really enjoyed these caches within walking distance of the Ferry Terminal on Jersey (St Helier):

Waiting to Set Sail - GC25NMY

Tadpole : The Spawn - GC2XKRZ

Don't Bring Your City Ways Here 2 - GC1T3KR (Wherigo)

If there's any way of getting along the coast to L'Avarizon - GCWNGX and the tides are with you, it's an amazing place to visit - with care!

Sadly some of my other favourites in the area have been archived since my 2010 visit. Ce la vie, as they say :)

Have a wonderful trip!

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Simply Paul - thanks for the response, Ill have a hire car for the time that Im there.
Well then, the island is your playground! With the archiving of the Tidal Islands series, I'm going to point you at The Back Door if you're 'a serious cacher' (!) and Big Nosed Bunker if you'd like Jersey's wartime locations. La Pinacle is a lovely spot for some EarthCaching and Jersey Memories #3 --- St Jerome and The Devil takes you to a great location. Fond of historic caches? Don't miss Jersey number one. Thank you and Goodnight is a charming area and I'd suggest Kirren island is well worth a trip too. As above, L'Avarizon is 'unmissable' and I enjoyed Jersey Icon Challenge. I also got a chuckle with Post 2 Post. If you like that (it's a multi) you'll also like Noirmont. To be honest, there weren't too many duffers on the island at all :)

Have a cracking holiday - it's somewhere I plan to return to.

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I live in Jersey and we are very lucky to have many great caches in beautiful locations. As SP says we don,t have many at all that are naff caches!


For town, solve they think it's all over http://coord.info/GC2EYF8 , 35 mm #5 Hotels around st helier http://coord.info/GC2E1FJ which you can solve using street view and jersey spotting http://coord.info/GC2XVX2


you have 2town multis which will take you to some interesting parts of town as well, and the clock can be done on the way back to the harbour, so collect the info when in town centre.


Please feel free to pm me about Jersey and if there is anything else I can help with. I'm always willing to meet up with any cachers that come over.


When are you both coming over?

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Just a quick note to say thanks for the advice. Managed to get a dozen or so caches done over the weekend (no-where near as many as I would have liked due to a GPS map issue & phone carrier issue), however had a great time on the island and hope to get more done when Im back for 10days at the start of October.

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Good afternoon. Thinking of planning a trip to the Channel Islands for next year. I visited in 1972 and want to see how it has changed. Hoping to connect with geocachers either on the island or in UK for information on what we need to bring. We'll be arriving by plane (I guess) from UK as we know there are no direct flights from Canada.

Looks like a great place.

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