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Botswana - Namibia Overlanding trip (Off topic)

The Huskies

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Botswana - Namibia - 01 June 2013

We are planing a trip of a lifetime


CownChicken and The Huskies are planing and going to Botswana and Namibia in 2013.


Will be leaving Cape Town on Saturday 01 June 2013.


Some places we will be visiting:

Kgalagadi Park

Makgadikgadi Pans

Vic falls

Chobe National park & sunset Cruize.

Kaudom Park

Etosha Park







More detail available later.


So get your Passports up to date and start saving


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This is a biggie on the BUCKET-LIST...

Count me in...


I'll sell my mother in law to get the money together...

Wait.. I don't have a mother in law..


Can I sell somebody else' mother un law for them?..

Then I keep half the bucks, and you keep half the bucks..

Then you too can go along on this trip..

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This is a biggie on the BUCKET-LIST...

Count me in...


I'll sell my mother in law to get the money together...

Wait.. I don't have a mother in law..


Can I sell somebody else' mother un law for them?..

Then I keep half the bucks, and you keep half the bucks..

Then you too can go along on this trip..


You wont be able to sell my mother in law, but you could try renting her out and see what response you get.

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Here is the provisional route planed to take. <_<


About 10 000km :blink:


We will be going through Gaborone on 05/06/13


01/06/2013 SAT @ 06H00 - SOMERSET WEST- North of Upington- SPITSKOP NATURE RESERVE

02/06/2013 SUNDAY - North of Upington- Kgalagadi Park - Nossob

03/06/2013 MONDAY - Kgalagadi Park- Kgalagadi Park - Mabuasehube

04/06/2013 TUESDAY - Mabuasehube- Gaborone - Mokolodi Nature Reserve

05/06/2013 WEDNESDAY - Gaborone - Makgadikgadi Pans -Kukonje Island

06/06/2013 THURSDAY - Makgadikgadi Pans- North of Maun - Kaziikini Community Camp

07/06/2013 FRIDAY - Kaziikini) - Moremi/Chobe National park- Khwai / Magotho Community camp

08/06/2013 SATURDAY - Moremi/Chobe National park- Khwai / Magotho Community camp

09/06/2013 SUNDAY - Moremi/Chobe National park- Kasenkulu - Senyati Camp Senyati camp site

10/06/2013 MONDAY - Kasenkulu - Senyati Camp Kasane -Sunset Cruis

11/06/2013 TUESDAY - Kasenkulu - Senyati Camp- Vic falls Vic falls

12/06/2013 WEDNESDAY - Kasenkulu - Island View lodge

13/06/2013 THURSDAY - Katima Mulilo - Island View Lodge- Tiger Fishing

14/06/2013 FRIDAY - Katima Mulilo -Rundu - Sarasunga River Lodge

15/06/2013 SATURDAY - Rundu - Tsumeb - Kupferquelle Resort

16/06/2013 SUNDAY - Tsumeb - Ondangwa - Odangwa Rest Camp

17/06/2013 MONDAY - Ondangwa - Kunene River - Bush Camp

18/06/2013 TUESDAY - Kunene River- Van Zyls Pass - Bush Camp

19/06/2013 WEDNESDAY - Van Zyls Pass Hoanib River - Khowareb Bush Camp

20/06/2013 THURSDAY - Hoanib River - Khowareb- Camp Xaragu

21/06/2013 FRIDAY - Camp Xaragu- Brandberg - Brandberg White lady lodge

20/06/2013 SATURDAY - Brandberg - Henties baai - Bucks Camping Lodge - Henties

21/06/2013 SUNDAY - Henties baai- Mamili camp Site- Mamili camp Site

22/06/2013 MONDAY - Mamili camp Site- Sesriem - Sesriem Park Campr Site

23/06/2013 TUESDAY - Sesriem - Sossusvlei - Sesriem Park Campr Site

24/06/2013 WEDNESDAY - Sesriem - Luderitz - Shark Island

25/06/2013 THURSDA - Luderitz - Fish River Canyon- Canyon Roadhouse Camp Site

26/06/2013 FRIDAY - Fish River Canyon - Springbok - Springbok Caravan Park

26/06/2013 SATURDAY - Springbok - Home - Home


Still a long time if you want to plan to join us.


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Here is the provisional route planed to take. <_<



Hi Huskies & CnC


Having done virtually all of the above destinations over the past ten years, may I make some comments.


I have trip reports on the Overland .co.za Website, and there are plenty more from others. See the Namibia and Botswana pages.


My reports - Botswana and Namibia


IMHO you are trying to do too much too fast, and will spend most of every day driving - sometimes in very uncomfortable conditions. Not the ideal way to spend a holiday. I would recommend a solid chill day (no driving) at least one day in six. You need this to catch up on laundry etc.


Some of your daily itineries are impossible (unless you plan on 12-14 hours of uninterupted driving.


Some examples:


18/6 - Kunene River to Van Zyls:. Depending on where you start (but that is linked to the previous day). Assuming a Ruacana start, and also that you want to drive the river road, this is a minimum two day trip, without even considering Epupa Falls, which is a 'must do' if in the area. Epupa to the top of Van Zyls is a full day, and you should spend at least half a day, if not a full day at Epupa, visiting the falls. Van Zyls should be done in the morning (because of the sun angle in the afternoon) and this indicates a stopover at the community camp at the top of Van Zyls.


2/6-4/6 - Kgaligadi: - This is rushing it in the extreme. Mabua requires at least a full chill day to really enjoy. You will arrive late afternoon, set up camp, sleep, break camp to leave early the next morning to make Gabs and will not have time to even soak in a tenth of the atmosphere of the place.


5/6 - Kukonje: A magic spot, really awesome baobabs. But again, you will arrive late and have to leave early, missing everything that you want to enjoy. Also in June the pans may still be too wet to make the 7km trip from the vet fence to the island.


10/6 - The sunset cruise - make sure you take the trip from Chobe Safari Lodge - by far the best. Best skipper is the one who pilots Kingfisher II - really knows his birds, and will manoever the boat for best photo angles. A note. If you have visited Chobe in the morning, show your entry permits when booking the cruise - this will save you a repeat park entry fee.


In Kaokoland you are missing some exceptional spots - the drive down the Marienfluss Valley to the Kunene, as well as the trip up and down Hartmans Valley, and then the Khumib River. My suggestion here would be that once you are down Van Zyls (it will be late morning), drive to Camp Synchro on the Kunene and overnight there. Next day take the western road back up the Marienfluss, turn right at Rooidrom, pass Bloudrom, turn right at Oranjedrom, go up the Hartmans to the top and bushcamp. There is a cache here, placed by janputte and myself. Then take the western track to Groendrom - a really beautiful drive, and continue into the Khumib for a bushcamp, then on to Puros for a chill day (two nights in the community camp).


20/6 - Brandberg to Henties: Here you are missing an amazing opportunity to drive down the Ugab from Bransberg almost to the Atlantic, with some of Namibia's most spectacular scenery in the riverbed. This is a two day trip with a bushcamp halfway. The walk to White Lady should be done in the morning to avoid the heat of the sun in the valley (even in winter).


OK, enough of a waffle from me. Feel free to PM me for any further information. I would also suggest that you join the Overland Email forum - you can get valuable advice from previous travelers to these spots.


I hope you have an absolutely awesome trip - there are many magic spots to see in Botswana and Namibia (besides the caches).





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Thanks for the info Pete.

We must just mention that nothing pertaining to this trip is written in stone.

We plan to take each day as it comes.


Cool :). As long as you do that you will have a good time. But to use the above itin as a bible will just disappoint you when you don't make each day's target. Being flexible will ensure a great trip. If you find a spot you really like, chill for a day .....

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Daai Cheetah lyk soos 'n kat wat nounet met 'n Stormer gemors het, en nou loop soek hy 'n Blou Bul om mee moeilikgeid te gaan maak...


Vir emosionele redes probeer ek hierdie gesprek ignoreer... dry.gif, maar as 'n man sulke wyshede kwytraak moet mens darem jou stuiwer bygooi... CHEETAHS!! biggrin.gif

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