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Text me when there's a new GC in my area

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I wish there was a way for premium members to sign up to have a text sent to me when there is a new geocache in my area. If this has already been discussed, I aplogize for the duplication.

There probably is. Most cellular carriers have a means to text via email. eg. Verizon is cell number@vtext.com. If you put the address in for your notification email address you will receive the notification as a text.

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I have noticed that the sending to my @vtext is faster than @gmail


I tested this when I was only @gmail and a verizon cacher was getting alrets faster than me!


I am guessing that SMS is much less busier than gmail!

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This has turned into a very nice thread for helping community members set up their instant notifications to forward onto their cellphones as text messages. Since there isn't a clear feature request articulated, I am moving this topic to the "How do I?" forum.

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Is there a way to get notification email to more then one email-adress?

Set up two separate notifications. Everything would be identical except the email (phone) to send it to.


Or send the notification to a regular email (gmail?) and have that service forward the message to as many other emails as you want.

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Tried that a-team its not playing ball

If your phone also supports MMS as well as SMS, you could send a message from your phone to your regular email address. Do this using your messaging app, not the email app. When you receive the message at your regular email, you can look at the From address to get your phone's email address.

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