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Would somebody in Wisconsin like to adopt my caches?

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I'm not sure how to go about this but I simply do not have the time to maintain my chaches anymore and I recently moved further away from them. All of my caches are located in Kewaunee County and some of them are in need of repair. I would like it if someone wanted to take them over.

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You might be better off emailing someone from your (now former) area and asking them directly. If nothing else they could go out and pick up the caches and then you could archive them all. Kind of a shame to see perfectly good caches be put out to pasture but if you have no means to maintain them then it is the resposible thing to do.


If I lived closer (I'm 250+ miles away) I would totally adopt your WSQ caches. I love them and do them whenever I have a chance.

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I would love to do this but they are a bit far for me as a newer cacher. I am down in Milwaukee so its quite a drive up to Algoma area. Someone from Green Bay area would be better suited.


But, as Team Dennis mentioned, maybe having the caches picked up and archived for the time being would be better than letting them degrade with no attention.

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