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Category proposal for dog kennels/boarding

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Category proposal for dog kennels/boarding


I looked, but could not find a category for dog kennels or boarding places such as "animal inns" and "doggy day camps" and other similarly named establishments.


Any thoughts? Waymarking such places would be an excellent resource for those traveling with pets who might need to temporarily board for a day or so in the middle of a vacation. :)

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ummm, My first thought is that this would not be 'interesting' enough to be a category—of course, I am a cat person. Knowing the location of a kennel would be useful, but for this purpose a host of other resources already suffice. The question is, would enough waymarkers find kennels interesting enough to make the effort to waymark? Is it sufficiently 'wow' to be worthy of consideration as a category? Myself, I think not.

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Also thought that there was a category for Pet Hotels... looks like you can create a new one.


I would definitely recommend not limiting it to dogs and include all pet boarding facilities (although I can't imagine a cat hotel, our cats would get upset and wouldn't talk to us for several weeks if we would put them into one).

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Why not try the yellow pages? Or an existing site like dogboarding.com?


Let's dig a bit deeper... Why do you think this would be a good category? What does it accomplish? Free reviews/recommendations? How many different kennels do you think folks would use to provide such reviews? We just board at our vet, so just one place of the 25+ within few miles.


Other concern is prevalence - actully too much. Too many of these locations to be interesting. I had several thousand hits within nearby region.


Address these types of questions satisfactorily... and then that would show whether the category is needed.


Thanks for bringing the topic to the forums, instead of rushing into a vote.

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Possibly a good category, but there are several issues.


First, places that offer dog boarding are generally multiple-use facilities, some of which do have categories.


Animal Hospitals. At least in the U.S. they frequently offer boarding services.

Animal Rescue. These places may not offer general boarding services, but the are kennels,


Many dog breeders offer boarding services, but may be limited in some way.


Some boarding services we've used have been at a private residence.


I think there may be a permanence issue here, as well, although that can be said about almost ALL commercial categories.


So, just be prepared for some hurdles with this one.

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