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Enter the Matrix

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So the list grows - seven there (in comrades parlance - all still going for Gold Medal positions.


  1. [1]AndyT1 - WC
    [2]Zambesiboy - WC (US)
    [3]iParjero - EC
    [4]Paddawan - WC
    [5]Henzz - WC
    [5]The Huskies - WC
    [5]Cownchicken - WC


When do we see a Gauteng or KZN cacher in the mix?

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Congratulations to Henzz and The Huskies!!! :D

Great that we could reach this Milestone together. We are sure that we'll have many more great times spent together while caching! :D

Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes.

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Congratulations from over the sea and in the aftermath Hurricane Sandy and 3 powerless days. I love seeing how you guys are all getting the Matrix sorted. It is such an achievement and involves really getting "down and dirty" with caching. I love that for the most part all the guys having achieved it or well on their way have also been part of my wonderful experiences caching in Africa.

I understand the elation in completion of the Matrix in the Cederberg as that also did it for me on Cedar Skeleton. A fantastic area.

I look forward to the next full matrix achievements.

All the best to you all.

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And then there was one more....


Congrats Terunkie.


Glad to see your name added to this list.

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