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Gratitude Mystery coin


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I apologize if there is a thread on this already, but I received a package today address, by me, to me... I thought this a little odd, but when I opened it, out fell out a beautiful little Gratitude Mystery coin. Just wanted to give my sincere gratitude to the kind person who sent it, whoever you are. The coin is triangular shaped and says: Friendship Geocaching Memories on it. Such a nice gesture and something I thoroughly agree with so many great geocaching memories! The coin is trackable too! :D


Thanks! B)





Edited to add a photo, sorry about the poor quality:


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That is a very nice and great gesture for someone to think of you as a friend and to be so generous to send you a mystery and trackable geocoin. Congratulations Mark. We look forward to seeing other receive this awesome geocoin. Keep On Caching!~Barry and Valarie of sweetlife

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Ines congratulations and thank you for sharing those wonderful photos

I also received this mystery coin and the return address was "The Travel Express"! Thanks so much for a great coin.



Conductor of The Travel Express

Well in that case :) Congratulations Mr. Conductor, it was fun watching all those coins in a race :D

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I've been a bit slow to posting this only because I haven't opened my mail until today. It appears the coin I received belongs to this thread. Congratulations to those who have received the coin.


Thank you to the kind giver of the coin, it's much appreciated. It will be put with all my special collection coins. Nice sentiment and nice design!





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