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Trash Caches

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There was a longer thread awhile back about this subject, over in "Geocaching Topics," but I guess this thread is posted in the correct forum: if a CITO-conscious cacher came across this trash, they would trash out the litter.


Caches like the one shown in the video do not meet the listing guidelines and should not be published. Problem is, not all hiders disclose the nature of their container to their reviewer, so a cache or two like this one might slip through the review process.

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Are you talking about this video? Please don't do this. It will look like trash and if someone sees it, they will probably throw it away. This is a horrible idea :|


That video was ridiculous. "Find a place where the cache will blend in." So he throws the piece of trash on the side of a nature trail where there's no other trash in sight? That bottle will only "blend in" in a recycling bin.

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