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Question about Earth caches


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I have one of my physical caches in an area that I think would make a great spot for an earth cache, due to the way the area was formed . I think I can collect enough information that is not available online, to make this work.


http://coord.info/GC33CXH .......... Is my cache


Here is some area on the area. .... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hull,_Massachusetts


So what say the EC experts ?

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The proximity rule indeed does not apply to Earthcaches.


However, if an Earthcache is placed near or on an existing cache, I will ask the CO to 'move' the coordinates a few meters/couple of feet, just so the icons don't overlap on the map.




GeoawareGBL / Global Earthcache Reviewer

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I would think more than a couple of feet would be needed. A physical cache and an EC cannot be in the same spot or else the EC is no longer Virtual. You'd need to be at minimum out of the radius of a GPS standard deviance from ground zero...or at least 25 feet. Personally I recommend over 50 as then the icons do not stack when looking at the map page.

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Methinks that the saturation rules only apply to physical caches..

@Lostby7, can you link a rule that requires 100 feet distance, or is it just recommended best practice?

The currently required distance for PHYSICAL caches is 161m or 528ft right now http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=304



There is no set rule to link to..the 100 feet I suggested is just that a suggestion. While someone posted they have an EC with the same coords as a physical cache, that is not a practice which is accepted by the EC reviewers. Several times in the past this question has come up and each time folks have been told to move it far enough to get it out of the range of a physical listing. To me that means at least 25 feet. This is the first time I have seen a EC reviewer come in and say 2 feet (meters). To me that is essentially the same as being ON a physical listing....which would not be allowed.

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On my fist Earth Cache I put a peanut butter jar cache in "Crack in the Ground". It is 250' from the posted location of the Earth Cache.

You can't get a GPS signal in the crack so I gave the number of paces into the crack to go to answer my questions. If you give the color of the lid and what is written under the lid in your email I know you were at the right place. You do not have to find the peanut butter jar to log the Earth Cache but getting 2 smilies always helps.

My second Earth Cache 2.3 miles away, had an ammocan hidden in Twin Crack. I decided after finding that cache, that it was enough different to make another Earth Cache. My posted coords are about 120 feet from the physical cache. Reviewers had no problems publishing my Earth Caches or the peanut butter jar where there is no signal.

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A cache should not be too close. Though there is not rule against it, it is "bad form" to cover another cachers icon with your own. So it is good manners to step a bit away from them.


If a cache owner owned both a regular and the Earthcache I think that they should not be too close. So someone is not trying to get around the "no container" rule.

(note: if you are requiring them to email you a code phrase that is an ALR and not allowed anymore)

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I've noticed with the new maps, that you can no longer click on the icon(s) when there are two or more over each other and get a clickable list of what caches are there. The zoom doesn't work very well, so I've had to click on one and then find nearest. Also, I'm worried sometimes when searching for caches on the maps that I'll completely overlook a cache because it's hidden behind another one.

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For my as yet unlogged Earth Cache, I say to please find the ammocan cache and give the GC# and cache owners name.

I did have a find of my other Earth Cache by people from Germany which I thought was am armchair log since they gave 2 incorrect answers to my questions. I let the log stand since they posted a picture of people in the Crack in the Ground. I have no way of knowing if the people in the picture are geocachers or not.

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