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Garmin Oregon 550 (w/ camera)

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Good morning, I have for sale a nice Garmin Oregon 550 (the one with the camera!)

Very good condition. Its been adult used and not abused.

We are wanting to upgrade to a Montana 650 (will add cash if you want to trade)

It was marked in small letters on the back with a 4 digit number in black marker (should wash off)

Will include the mount that clips to the car mount (the little ball type mount)

I still have the ORIGINAL BOX too!

Asking $325 shipped to you via priority mail.

I can take paypal if you cover the 3% fee.

(This is a long shot but will trade it for ham radio equipment or sell for cash)

Email me at TXcacheHunter@aol.com

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I forgot to mention that the sale also includes the LEATHER CASE too!


This really is a great deal. They sell for my asking price on ebay and those DO NOT include the mount clip or the leather case.

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Silly questions.


How much for it without the leather case?


Also if it the numbers can be washed off why do you not go ahead and wash them off?


Did you buy it used, and the previous owner put those numbers on the unit in permanent marker to be able to identify it?

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I'm concerned with a buyer beware situation when I don't know you or your reputation when it is a lot of $$$$ for me

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