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DeLorme PN40 - Like New

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I've got a pretty fresh PN40 up for grabs. I bought this a year or two ago and just never used it much. Probably went out with it three or four times. I've got it on craigslist for $150, will let it go for $125 on the GC forums. If I can't sell it by the time the craigslist posting is expired(one week from today), I'll probably throw it on eBay and let those people fight over it. I will ship normal, slow method unless you'd like to pay a little more priority mail or any of the other popular shipping services. I will ship it with a delivery confirmation number though, just to make sure we're both being honest :) It will come with the original box, cable and if I can find them, all the CD's and manuals. These were separated during our move last year and most of our stuff is in boxes while we remodel the house. Everything you need is available on the DeLorme website though.


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