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This may have been discussed to death already, if so my appologies.


I was thinking about a means of logging a FTF statistic on the website and had this idea.


1/ When creating a new cache on website cache owner is given a unique code by the website. The code is only visible to the cache owner.


2/ The owner puts this code in the cache either as a tear off part of logsheet or a separate sheet.


3/ The first person to find the cache physically removes the code and takes it home to enter into a code field in his cache log.


4/ The website checks this if this code is valid and if it is the finder gets a FTF statistic.


5/ The code field is ignored after FTF log.


Clearly this cannot validate any old logs but would work for any future logs.

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What happens if the cache owner doesn't include the code in the cache? Some cache owners want to discourage the FTF race. Others just ignore it. Others place caches before creating the corresponding listing. Some might give the FTF code to a friend, rather than placing it in the cache.


Is the increased drama really worth it?

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