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Preload Map Information for offline caching

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I have a no-service Iphone4 that I generally use with wifi. I have an android phone (using C:GEO) that I cache with but its also my main phone so when I go caching I just destroy my battery. My question is: Is there a way to preload map information on my iphone 4 for use with the geocaching app so I can use my iphone to cache instead of my android? Even if it was just for a small area that would be so much more useful than destroying my androids battery. Thanks for the help!

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Yep. If you have the full app, and assuming you've set up a pocket query.

While at home on wifi.

Go into the PQ list, click the one you want.

Select the options you want to save (i.e. street maps, topo maps etc) and click save for offline use.

It'll download the cache information and relevant map tiles.

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