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This cache has a Travel Bug...or does it?

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I've stumbled across another side effect of having cache page information update only when a new log in entered, rather than for each page view:


If someone logs the retrevial of a travel bug, the TB page gets updated to show the bug in the person's possession...but the cache page that it was retrieved from still shows the travel bug icon (and link to the TB page) until another log is added to the page.


I can see this having the potential for misleading cachers into thinking there will be a travel bug when they get to the cache...only to be disappointed that it was already taken.


As a temporary solution, I recommend that anyone who logs a travel bug into our out of a cache add another 'dummy' note following their log entry, in order to force a refresh of the page. The log can then be deleted to remove it from the page. (And the cache page watchers will have to put up with extra 'phantom' log notices to the cache page.)



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