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Montana software version 3.93 Beta


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Montana software version 3.93 Beta



Changes made from version 3.90 to 3.93:


Added symbol filtering to Where To? > Waypoints and Waypoint Manager

Improved GPS response at low speeds

Improved touch screen responsiveness

Improved font sizes for Arabic and Farsi languages

Fixed issues with support for Canada BlueChart g2 maps

Fixed issue with NMEA

Fixed issue with track distance data field when track logging is off

Fixed issue with track log naming when using BaseCamp

Problems with this beta software may be reported to MontanaBeta@garmin.com

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I just mailed the beta team to ask them about it. If others do the same "MontanaBeta (at) garmin.com" hopefully they will fix it sooner rather than later.


Just did the same after I also received an e-mail about this software update from Garmin, which still pointed to an incorrect link. Looking forward to the "Improved GPS response" :D

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We have someone working on this.


-Montana Software Team


Don't know if it means that they are recompiling the lot, or busy uploading it again.


It's supposed to be fixed. I'm trying here, but still no download. Anyone have more success (before I bug them again)?

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Download is fixed now!






I changed profile from Auto to Geocaching, and now the device powers up and crashes immediatly :rolleyes:




Here's what happened:


Installed 3.93, first boot fine and verified for 3.93.

Changed profile from Auto to Geocaching: device hung, batteries removed.

Now device power-up, boots, loads maps & chaches & photos, and then does a power down crash :mad:


It might be that because of the battery removal the profile-file might be corrupt? I'll download a profile from somewhere else, and if that doens't work, try to backup my settings and do a factory reset.




After factory reset all fine and dandy (someone else reported no problems with updating and switching to Geo profile), except when I try to switch to the Geo profile, the device still crashes. Now I'm trying to find a "clean" geocache profile-file.



I sent Garmin my system file, they analysed it, and wrote me back they think it is actually a bug. So be careful with this update.



The crash is Dashboard related! If you haven't got a Dashboard "on" at the moment, or any other than Geocaching, then the update might work. I deleted my Geocache profile, started building a new one, and as soon when I set my Dashboard from None to Geocaching in the Map-settings, the device powered down.

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The link now goes to Montana software version 3.90 Beta. No indication as to whether it is something new or perhaps a way to revert to 3.90.

You want v3.93β try here: LINK, but I think I'm holding off after reading some of the other posts... Edited by coggins
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The link now goes to Montana software version 3.90 Beta. No indication as to whether it is something new or perhaps a way to revert to 3.90.


That’s what it is. It took mine back to 3.90 and added a master reset so remember to change your profile before you run it. It took my GPS back to Olathe while I’m in Labrador, Canada. My dashboard works again.

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I attempted to install 3.93 BETA and my 650 has been bricked.I called Garmin (USA) they suggested a few fixes all to no avail.


I have been instructed by Garmin to send my 650 in for a replacement 650.


3.94 may have just bricked mine. What were your symptoms? Mine won't complete the boot process now, and it won't let me hard reset it either. I CAN get to the USB drive area so maybe that will help, but even if I put an old GUPDATE.GCD it won't even try and install the older firmware. I had my name/phone in the STARTUP.TXT file and even after deleting that file the unit is STILL showing my name/phone just a fraction of a second before it crashes and turns off.

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Garmin appear to be showing more and more and increasing level of incompetence. They need to fire their entire development team and start again. This is one of the rare arguments in favor of outsourcing to a more competent team overseas. Firstly, how on earth can they put out a Beta link with the link not working? Does no one at Garmin test the link by clicking on it once they post it to software update section? secondly, it took a couple of days for them to fix it after they had been notified. Anyone who does web development will tell you that even with the most complex of websites a link update takes 20 seconds at most!!!! Thirdly, this 3.94 has turned so many peoples units into bricks so far clearly no one at Garmin ever tests a software update before releasing it. If they had just tried the release on a couple of units they would have seen massive issues within seconds rather than just sending it out for us all to fry our units!!!.


Get yer sh@t together Garmin!!! we are growing tired and weary of your BS.

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Anyone who does web development will tell you that even with the most complex of websites a link update takes 20 seconds at most!!!!


Sometimes another team needs to update that link, and occasionally that can take quite some time (speaking from own expereince here in my last job :mad:). If that is the case, you can't blame the Montana development team.

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