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Society of Better Swag


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ok i been lurking this thread for a long time and i love the idea of a club for this type of thing.


personally, i love sculpting,mostly out of soapstone or wood, and i think im going to start making some things to put in the caches i find. im also thinking about keeping a blog with picture of each one i make.


we'll see how it goes, but either way i will always be working to improve the state of swag in my area.

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personally, i love sculpting,mostly out of soapstone or wood, and i think im going to start making some things to put in the caches i find. im also thinking about keeping a blog with picture of each one i make.


Awesome idea. Personalized swag is some of the best out there.


I just cleaned out a cache full of soggy business cards and movie stubs and threw in a whole bunch of little finger lights and mini compasses for the kids. $20 on Amazon got me two big bags full of little trinkets perfect for Geocaching. And the kids love this kind of stuff.


I'm not expecting $40 leatherman knives and gas cards in every cache, but for crying out loud, stop throwing trash in there, people! No more pennies (unless they're stamped/collector types), bottle caps, spent bullet cartridges, etc. Get creative and have quality!

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As a parent trying to keep an apathetic 9 year old interested in Geocaching, I have also been inspired by this thread and have been actively cleaning up and restocking appropriate sized caches with loot I carry around with me. Maintaining caches integrity has become half the game for us now. Count us in!!

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I am lucky--our small community has a core group of cachers that usually leave pretty good SWAG. There's usually something good in every cache that is big enough to hold it. I'm a little "crafty" so I usually have a few handmade pendants/jewelry (I posted a pic on the FB SOBS page) to trade and DH is a coin collector so that's what he trades with. I do keep a bag of dollar items to help out some of the sadder caches.


We took our nephew out this last weekend (he's around 9 also) for his first time caching and we found a few fun things for him, miniature army truck, arrowhead, flashlight keychain. He thought it was all pretty neat.


On the other hand, last month when visiting my in-laws in NV, they graciously drove us around and my mother-in-law helped us to find a few caches. Only a couple that we found were not micros/nanos, and those unfortunately had pretty much junk in them. She was not impressed.

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Excellent thread, have now found the FB page.


We've only been going just over a week. My Mrs makes hand-made jewellery and we take a selection of that with us as well as a selection of toy cars, figurines, pocket games, etc and always try to leave a cache with better loot than when we found it. It's awful to open a cache with the kids and see a load of old store loyalty cards, playing tokens from an board game, sweet wrappers, etc, nothing of interest to them, their faces drop :(


My next spare cash will be spent on spare log books/sheets/bags so that we can replace logs when needed as well.


If all cachers had a similar attitude I'm sure things would be better for everyone. If all anyone finds in containers is junk then I can see nobody bothering in future and just going micro/nano all the time and that is bad for families. Swag makes this great, healthy hobby fun for the kids!


I agree with what a previous poster said, most new cachers I think are eager and enthusiastic (like we are) and do swap well. I think it's likely it's the 'old hands' who have become jaded, or disillusioned with swag that are perhaps making it worse....but then again, it's probably a mix of both.


Anyways, just wanted to add my penny's worth to an excellent cause :)



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I was getting pretty disappointed with the swag in the caches around here; I guess try to set an example. I love finding retro or homemade things in the containers; I've started to drop off my duct tape roses. I think choosing swag to pass on is really part of the fun.


One of the containers I found yesterday had a peanut... an old musty peanut.

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