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FS: SPOT Satellite Communicator for Delorme PN-60w

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I am selling my SPOT Satellite Communicator that came with my Delorme PN-60wSE bundle. The unit is just over a year old and has worked great. This unit allows you to send text messages from your PN-60w or PN-60wSE handheld GPS receiver via satellite to a predefined set of cell phones and email addresses. Your GPS coordinates are included with the message including a clickable link to a google map based web browser to see the location in real time. You can also activate a tracking mode that allows your friends and family to track your location on-line via a private web-page - really cool!! All of these neat features are only accessible when paired to the Delorme PN-60w or PN-60wSE.


SPOT will also allow you to make posts to facebook and Twitter, as well as allow you to log your geocache finds on geocaching.com. The satellite service is a once a year fee and works out to about $10-$15 dollars/month depending on your service level.


I have several good pics of the little unit if you're interested.


$100 obo. I'll ship to the US for free if I sell it for $100. Otherwise we can negotiate a very small fee for shipping.

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