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'Here I am' button for a Magellan eXplorist 310

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FIgured out the pocket query thing and how to dump the list generated into our newly purchased 310. Took it into the field today and could not figure out how to reset the list of caches based on that location. Isn't there a 'Find Nearby GEocaches' button on the MAgellan like there is on my smartphone? Thx for the help folks!!!!

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I'm not familiar with Magellans, but perhaps it didn't recognize where you were because it hadn't locked onto enough satellites yet? I'm also guessing there's a basic map that you can view on a Magellan that would show the closest caches to where you are. Good luck!

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I searched the Magellan site and found the user manual for your GPSr.


on Page 18 I found the following


Accessing the Geocache List

1. Press the BACK button while viewing the Map


2. Select the Geocaches icon. All the geocaches

you have saved or loaded will be displayed as

a list.

Sorting the Geocache List

1. Access the Geocache list.

2. Press MENU.

3. Select Sort & Search.

4. Using the drop-down menus for each, set the

display filters for Status, Type, Size, Terrain

and Difficulty.

5. Select the Sort By drop-down menu and select

Geocache ID, Nearest, Date Created, Type

or Name.

6. Use the Show button to toggle between All or

just show Favorites.

7. Use the BACK button to return to the list of


Searching for a Saved Geocache

1. Access the Geocache list.

2. Press MENU.

3. Select Sort & Search.

4. Scroll down and Select the Search by Name

or ID... button.

5. Use the keyboard to enter the first few

characters of the geocache name or the ID.

6. Select the green checkmark.

7. The Geocache List is displayed with the results

of the search.


The URL for the manual is


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