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Minimum hardware requirements

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For Groundspeak's Builder, I'd say the minimum requirements are the recommended Windows XP requirements. I don't know off the top of my head, but I think this would work: at least Windows XP SP2, 1.5 GHz single core CPU, and 1GB RAM. Basically, anything that was new four years ago should be able to run Groundspeak's Builder, so long as you don't have many processes (programs) hogging resources. Does this sound like an accurate estimate, everyone?


Instead of guessing, though, it would be helpful to know what you are running.

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500MB is really short for Windows XP, once you have a couple of applications open. My three-year-old XP PC was driving me nuts with 1GB when I had just Firefox (albeit with 15-20 tabs) and GSAK open. I got two 1-GB DDR2 modules off eBay for $15, thus doubling my memory, and now all is wonderful.

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