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new map is not interactive any more


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I can see the cache icons on the map but I don't see any way to show the cache name or GS number without clicking on each one. I like to print out a map showing caches in an area to help in driving more efficiently from cache to cache. Does anyone understand how to make the new map work correctly? (on a regular computer, not a mobile device.) I can't see how to print a useful caching map now unless I write all the caches in by hand, and that seems silly!

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There is a forum post somewhere on here that addressed that issue by utilizing a macro from GSAK. I am not sure where it is right now as I am currently using my iPhone to write this and it doesn't really allow me to save a link to another post to add here.


Good luck


Edit to add that I found it in the topics section called "list of cache names beside the map"

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We are investigating the issue of pop-ups failing on map icons for PQs.


FYI, issues such as this should be reported in the Bug Reports section of the forums rather than in the middle of the release notes discussion.


I added this issue to the upgrade thread but Moun10Bike says that it should be in the Bug Report section so I added it there: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=291410

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