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Etrex 20 software update


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Just got my new Etrex 20. This had software version 2.30 on it out of the box.


Registered at My Garmin and went for the software update. How long should this take? Has been sitting at 50% for 20 minutes now.





How long should what take? Download is a function of your connect speed, on a fast connection a minute or two. After you disconnect from your machine and re-start figure another couple (max 5) minutes for the Etrex to load its software (white screen with a loading message followed by a blue line progressing across the bottom of the screen). My version of 2.6 hung the first time I re-started, but loaded fine the second try.

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Spoke to Garmin Australasia support (very helpful - thanks, John).


Suggested it may be a USB port problem.


I had the Etrex connected thru a USB hub and it was connecting OK and transferring caches OK.


Plugged it directly into notebook via a different USB port and it did the 2.70 update via webupdater instantly.


Great little unit! Happy now!



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I've never heard of any problems with using a USB cable of one's choice with the new Garmins. I have one cable on my iMac and another on my MacBook and they both work fine with my eTrex 20. Was there perhaps a problem with the original USB Garmins?


However, I have heard of problems with many different types of USB devices when connecting them through a hub rather than into one of the computer's own USB ports. So I'm not surprised that David's eTrex started working better when he made a direct connection.

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It's rumored that Garmin USB cables are wired slightly differently from standard USB.

Can you cite any source for this other than someone else saying "I heard a rumor..."?

I've never heard this before even as a rumor. And I've never had a problem with generic USB cables.

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