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Newbie's suggestions lists

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I am new at this whole Geocaching thing, and while I clearly have some to learn, it seems to me the most creative (and potentially fun) ideas often come from folks 'who don't know any better'.


I have a few ideas, and was thinking that like myself, there are probably others who have some too.


My intent is to start a thread comprising a 'list' of ideas for the web site. Practicality is ok, but not at all necessary - it can be a wildly impractical idea.



(ok, enough shouting, let's get wild!)

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OK, here's my first few suggestions:


+ What about a way to create a sort of 'cache tour? (someone could create a custom tour made up of multiple caches, sort of making a multi-cache out of regulars.)


+ What about some additional queries on the database here to answer some of the recurring questions I see in the discussion groups?

- some questions I see:

What is the 'loneliest' cache in my area?

(no visitors since a given date)

Which cache is the oldest continuous?

Which cacher has placed/found the most?

Which caches specialize in...

(fill in the blank)?


+ What about supplementing the rating system (ease/terrain) with a sort-of 'intended audience' flag?

- some examples

H - Experienced Hiker

D - Interstate driver

F - Family-friendly; easy hike

U - Urban environment

C - Children; good for small children

X - Adult/Mature content

A - All day cache


OK, there's a few 'dumb ideas' to get started.

Feel free to add your own!

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That's great P.S.! I like it and it is right up the alley I was describing. I would like to see it as part of the ratings, so it was more universal, but your sites are a great model.


(now to figure out how to do that myself...)

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wow, very nice, Prime Suspect!! hmmm, suppose a fella could perhaps talk such a fine upstanding gentleman as yourself into sharing the secret recipe for that icon grid? (for lack of a better word) in return i'll remove all your wanted posters in post offices in a 75 mile radius of here!!!


someday we'll look back on all this and plow into a parked car.

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I recently took a friend who relies on a wheelchair to two caches. The first was a paved trail, and the second required two men to lift her over some rough terrain. Now, I realize that this isn't the best pastime for the physically handicapped, but a specific mention of a cache's accessibility would be fantastic. Even some of the level 1 terrain isn't really among the easiest.

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I would like to see log counts on "my cache page" in a diffrent format, so i would know when i reach a mile stone, like one of our local cachers just made 800. ex: icon_smile.giffound ### icon_frown.gif not found### and posted notes, maybe Groundspeak could look into this.


Love many, trust few ,always paddle your own canoe.

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Originally posted by Prime Suspect:

There's nothing stopping anyone from adding this to their cache page. Just look at any of my caches for an example (9Key originated the icons).

If you want the same grid, you can go to 9key's Texas page. That's what I do. I've gotten positive comments from cache page readers about it. By the way, 9key calls it selector.gif


-- I recognize fun when I see it.

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