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DISCO and 'close to' cache

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What is a DISCO and a 'close to' cache?

I'm still a newbie to geocaching and need help with these types of caches.



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Could you give us an example of where you've seen the reference to a "close to" cache, please? If it's on a cache page provide a link, or give us the GC number.


Thanks :)



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The "Close to" series sounds like a local series that shares a certain characteristic, although I'm not sure what that characteristic is from reading a couple descriptions. Your best bet is to ask the cache owner.


For example, around here there is an "Assume Nothing" series that is billed by its owner as "a series of common hides, with a twist".


And the "Somewhere" series is a series of hard-to-find caches. Most (but not all) are micros with spot-on coordinates, and either excellent camouflage or an unexpected hide location.


But these are just names made up by the cache owners, and used only locally.

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I agree with niraD. That cache owner has a whole lot of his caches named "Close to..." so I don't think there's anything more to understand from the title. Reading the other logs on the caches it seems they may be camouflaged, or well disguised as some other object so you'll have to search closely - Consider that any nearby, small objects could be fakes.


MrsB :)

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Close to Cod

take a stroll South to the information boards it’s all about “Cod”


Close to a Pack Horse

Please read the information board and take a stroll over the bridge as the "Jaggers" did in 1672

A Jagger is a man in charge of a packhorse.


Seems pretty straightforward. The cache is nearby or "close to" something interesting.


Edit to add I wish more caches were close to something interesting :rolleyes:<_<

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