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question about cache with "leap" in the name


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I have a premium membership but I'm having a hard time searching for a cache with "leap" in its name, preferably in the bloomington, or south-central indiana vicinity. I thought it would be cool to log one, other than an event, that contained the word in its name on Leap Day!


On a side note, I think it is totally awesome how Geocaching is making such a big deal about Leap Day, especially since it's my birthday :)


Thanks for any help.



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Inasmuch as most all leap-day caches are relatively new, you may be able to find one if you check the "Newest in (your state) " link from your profile page.


Right side, about 1/3 of the way down, beneath Search Options box.


They will be listed in order of publish, so you'll have to hand-search. They also will be state wide, so there may be a few to look through.

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