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CITO: April 21st and 22nd, 2012

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The 10th Annual Cache In Trash Out Weekend is scheduled for April 21st and 22nd, 2012.

Geocachers around the world celebrate International Cache In Trash Out weekend annually by hosting and participating in CITO Events in their local area. Events might be focused on:

  1. litter clean-up
  2. removal of invasive species
  3. revegetation efforts
  4. building trails

Did we mention that we also have a bit of fun while we're at it? :grin:


Event Planning Resources

To add your own CITO Event(s) to the schedule: use our online form and specify your cache type as a Cache In Trash Out Event. Events can be posted up to three months in advance. Make sure to include all of the important event information so that attendees know where to meet, what to bring and what resources will be available.




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Oh! Time to bring out the old double dog dare!


Who can build the highest pile?

Who can recycle the most garbage from a park?

Who can raise the most $ from picking up cans, to buy hamburgers and hot dogs, for your event?

Who will take the dare?


It's your world, let's leave no trace, and CITO whenever we can.


Thanks to all the geocachers that give their time and energy to this worthy project! I'm daring you to do your best.

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This will be our local group (TAG--Tulsa Area Geocachers) 10th annual as well. I didn't know this was the 10th official annual. I started in 2006, well after the CITO that year, but even though a lot (most) of the names have changed, I'm glad our group has kept it going. There are probably a bunch of groups that have had one every year, but I was surprised that our little (medium) sized town in Oklahoma was on board since the beginning. I can only think of two that are still active, but several of the founders around here were around within the last couple of years. Maybe we'll get them back at a later date.

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This will be our local group (TAG--Tulsa Area Geocachers) 10th annual as well.

Thanks, M 5. We have been involved with the TAG events every year since 2005 and helped organize the CITOs since 2008. A great way to give back to the community and keep the park services friendly to us!


Any word on Official CITO Sponsors this year? Participants love give-aways!

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